Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of Teacher Educators in 21st Century

  • A Srinivasacharlu Assistant Professor of Education, New Horizon College of Education (Aided), Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Teacher Educators, Prospective Teachers, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), 21st century


Education is a pre-requisite for the development of a country. The teacher is the backbone of the education system and is the architect of society. The progress of an organization depends upon the quality of its teachers. Today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen of the country. Teacher educators of the B.Ed. Colleges are the makers of the future teachers who are bound to have a vital influence on the children learning, shaping their attitude, and developing desirable behavior. To prepare efficient teachers in the 21st century, teacher educators need to be constantly topnotch in their profession. It can be possible, only if they can sustain their continuing professional development (CPD). It involves on-going divergent activities (formal, non-formal and informal) that aim at developing the teacher educator’s intellectual abilities (cognitive domain), self confidence, attitude, values, and interest (affective domain) and skills and competencies (psychomotor domain) for improving personality and to carry out the responsibilities of the teaching profession properly in accordance with the changing times and needs of the prospective teachers and society.” The present paper comes out with diverse programs and activities for teacher educators to sustain their CPD in the advent of complexities continually arising in the field of teacher education in the 21st century.

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