Paradigm Shift in Curriculum: A Visionary Mission

  • Dillip Kumar Khuntia Lecturer in Education, Boudh Panchayat College, Boudh, Odisha, India
  • Prasanta Kumar Barik Assistant Professor, Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Keywords: Paradigm Shift, Curriculum, Vision, Mission


Human beings came to the world along with ideas which got nurtured and transmitted from generation to generation. To upgrade quality of life he became educated through formal, informal and non-formal ways. Curriculum was structured formally at different levels of education which is being upgraded and refined from time to time. Here in this paper an attempt has been made to relocate the paradigm shift in curriculum in a mission mode taking the suggestions as follows: Culture specific pedagogy; Moral Education for revival; Curricular renovation, reformation and innovation in terms of reality and fact; Vocationalization in true sense; Emphasis on Practical aspect; Meeting the needs of the locality; Imparting Patriotism through curriculum; Preaching and practising Yoga Education; Indian Traditional Culture from the age old spiritual scriptures; Committee consisting people having practical experience from the grass root level; Placing importance upon joyful learning; Providing opportunity to prepare the ground for all round development; Meeting aims of educations from a broader perspective; Adopting innovation of other countries; Fund for conducting Research; Application of Research findings; Finding the Vision and Mission; Making them free from the over burden of examination; Protecting environment through education; Emphasizing experiential learning; To inculcate global human values among the youth; To prepare for global citizenship.

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