Impact of Mental Health and Stress Level of Teachers to Learning Resource Development

  • Edward C. Jimenez Education Program Supervisor, Department of Education, Schools Division of the City of Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines
Keywords: Mental health, Stress level, Teacher, Learning resource development


This study aimed at analyzing the mental health and stress level of teachers in the Schools Division in Central Luzon, Philippines. At the same time, it identified the relationship and impact of mental health and stress level of the teachers as regards learning resource development. The study employed a descriptive-correlation research design with the online survey as the primary data collection tool. The respondents came from the 25 elementary schools in Schools Division in Central Luzon. 205 teachers participated in the online survey using a simple random sampling technique. An adapted and modified questionnaire was used to gather data. For the statistical treatment of the study, the mean was used for the responses of the teachers and the relationship and impact; the study used Pearson-r and regression analysis.

The study found that in terms of mental health, the teachers experience less than once a week of sleeping problems. For social well-being, teachers experience them almost every day. For the things that bother them, the teachers were not bothered at all. The teachers also have positive mental health and for the aspect of bouncing back, they responded neutrally. In terms of stress level, the teachers revealed that they sometimes experience such a thing. For the learning resource development, the response of the teachers was “strongly agree.” Also, there exists a low direct relationship between mental health level and the development of learning resources. To confirm the relationship, the regression analysis found that mental health significantly impacts the learning resource development of teachers. Based on the results above, the researcher provided some important recommendations for the study

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