English Language for Refugees at Higher Education

Keywords: Refugee education, Resilience, Migration


After the massive immigration caused by the war in middle east, English language filled the communication
gap between the people of host counties and refugees. Framing the study with language learning for resilience, in this qualitative case study, the status of refugee students at a Turkish higher education foreign language institution has been investigated to find out: (a) educational background of refugee students, (b)refugees’ current state of language learning for resilience, and (c) instructors’ positions on English education for resilience.Two Iraqi, one Syrian refugee students and their two language teachers participated in this study. Tocollect data, semi-structured interviews were conducted. The results showed us that although these students are coming from different educational backgrounds, they hold similar beliefs about English education and have hopes for their future. It is implied that with special and intensive assistance, being competent in English language will open the gates to global opportunities for refugees.

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Faruk Ipek, O. (2021). English Language for Refugees at Higher Education. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 9(S2-Sep), 77-87. https://doi.org/10.34293/education.v9iS2-Sep.4373