Review of the Views of Secondary School Maths Students on Skills- Based Questions

Keywords: Skill-based questions, PISA, Mathematics teachers


In this study, secondary school mathematics teachers’ the opinions related to skills-based questions that are compatible with the LGS (High School Transition Exam) question style were examined. Qualitative research methods were adopted in the study. Mathematics teachers working in secondary schools in various parts of Turkey participated in the study.The data is collected via the semi-structured interview form via the “Google drive”. Content analysis was used in data analysis. The findings revealed that maths teachers did not agree with the achievements of their skill-based questions, and that the maths course’s teaching programs and textbooks were not sufficient to provide effective guidance on skills-based questions. It turns out that teachers need a new course processing process for skill-based questions such as LGS questions. Therefre, it was discovered that they were experiencing a shortage of resources. It was also identified that teachers needed to read books and need in- service training as skill-based questions are questions to understand and interpret what they are reading. Recommendations were made in accordance with the results. 

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Nayıroğlu, B., Tutak, T., & Tutak, A. M. (2021). Review of the Views of Secondary School Maths Students on Skills- Based Questions. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 9(S2-Sep), 105-111.