Consumer Preference to Mobile Phone Services in Tiruvarur District

  • P Asokan Controller of Examinations, Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore
Keywords: cellular communications, consumer preference, satisfaction levels, judgment-sampling, TRAI, ICTs


India has attained an enormous development in the communication network throughout the country as a whole. The Global boom in mobile cellular communications has been truly astounding. “Now with the cellular phone that are available one can get more value, more features, and more services, cellular phone helps one get more from life with services allowing them to personali ze their phone entertained themselves, and communication with friends and family by voice, picture, email or text messages. The cell phone can look and sound as unique as possible. Cellular telephone has revolutionized the communication arena. Redefining how we perceive voice communication, traditionally cellular phone reminded out of the hands of most customer due to their high cost. As a result cellular phone carries have inherited time and resources into finding ways to give the system higher capacity and thus lower cost, cell system are benefiting from this research and starting to develop into large-scale consumer products.

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