An Investigation into Guitar Methods Used in Amateur Guitar Education

Keywords: Guitar Methods, Amateur Guitar Education, Method Analysis


The study examined the content of methods used in amateur guitar education, namely “Guitar Method for Children” (Bülent İşbilen & Özhan Gölebatmaz), “Classical Guitar Method” (Ahmet Kanneci), “Easy Training Method for Classical Guitar” (Bülent İşbilen & Güray Demir), “Classical Guitar Method” (Murat İşbilen), “Arenas I” (Rodriguez Arenas), “Guitar Method I” (Ziya Aydıntan), and “Introductory Method for Classical Guitar” (Bekir Küçükay). The research employed a scanning model. In the data collection phase, methods were obtained, and their contents were examined for topics such as the Historical Development of Classical Guitar, Basic Information, Tuning of the Guitar, Nails, Starting Positions, Visuals, Study and Piece Descriptions, Speed Terminology, and Table of Contents. The results, presented in tables, revealed that two of the methods lacked a table of contents, speed terminology was only presented in one method for all pieces and studies, and topics such as nails and tuning of the guitar were not covered in most methods.

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Ceviz, B., & Akgün, G. (2024). An Investigation into Guitar Methods Used in Amateur Guitar Education. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 12(2), 52-56.