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Peer-review Publication Process

The Peer-review process is an essential part of the publication process; it definitely improves the quality of the article to be published. Peer review ensures an independent assessment and accuracy of the results described. With the collaboration of editors and reviewers, Shanlax International Journals can ensure that the manuscripts we publish are among the most important in their respective disciplines. Shanlax Journals administer an effective review system. Our Peer review is designed to choose technically valid research of significant interest. Our Referees are expected to find the flaws and request to suggest advice to improve the quality of the article to be published. Our peer reviewer can only evaluate what the authors chose to include in the manuscript. By this publication approach, our peer review process will identify fraudulent data before publication. All contributions submitted to Shanlax journals that are selected for peer review are sent to at least one, but usually two independent reviewers, selected by the editors. The editor's decision on the choice of referees is final. Editors, authors and reviewers are required to keep confidential all details of the editorial and peer review process on submitted manuscripts. The peer review process is confidential and conducted anonymously; identities of reviewers are not released. Reviewers must maintain confidentiality of manuscripts.

Publication Ethics

Shanlax Journals editors may seek advice about submitted papers not only from technical reviewers but also on any aspect of a paper that raises concerns. These may include ethical issues or issues of data. Advice will usually be sought simultaneously with the technical peer-review committee. In all publishing decisions, the final decision whether to publish is the sole responsibility of the editor of the journal concerned.


As per UGC’S norms Shanlax International Journal of Education include following amendments from UGC Regulations, 2018 dt. 31st July in our Journal’s Plagiarism Policy.

Shanlax International Journal of Education like to inform all our academicians to aware, now University Grants Commission (Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2018 is applicable to the students, faculty, researchers and staff of all Higher Educational Institutions in the country.
Shanlax International Journal of Education insist to instruct authors those who are publish their articles as students, faculty, researcher and staff about proper attribution, seeking permission of the author wherever necessary, acknowledgement of source compatible with the needs and specificities of disciplines and in accordance with rules, international conventions and regulations governing the source.
Already Shanlax International Journal of Education conducts many such events titled ‘Quality Publications’. In future also we shall conduct sensitization seminars/ awareness programs in this connection. We ready to work with HEIs to conduct research, thesis, dissertation, promotion of academic integrity and ethics in education for students, faculty, researcher and staff, elements of responsible conduct of research and publication ethics as a compulsory course work/module for Masters and Research Scholars. Include elements of responsible conduct of research and publication ethics in Orientation and Refresher Courses organized for faculty and staff members of the HEI.

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